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Welcome to the ICPE website

The ICPE is a bi-partisan non-profit organization. Its mission is to focus public tax dollars on the K-12 education of public school students by opposing legislation in the Indiana General Assembly that would:
  • fund private school vouchers
  • expand private school tax credits
  • privatize charter schools by allowing private colleges and agencies to be authorizers
  • put for-profit managers in place to take a profit from operating public schools
  • privatize public schools through any other means
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We're sorry to say HB 1315 passed in the May 14 special session, as did HB1316, which allows Indiana residents to use 529 savings fund money to pay for private school tuition.

Here are the roll call votes on HB1315:



10 Reasons to Oppose HB 1315

  • Muncie Community Schools (MCS) will not be subject to the bullying prevention law.
  • Muncie taxpayers could permanently lose their district, because there is no time limit for the district to be managed by Ball State University.
  • After the legislative session ended, Ball State publicly said it doesn’t have the time or resources to manage MCS.
  • MCS will be exempt from the law requiring instruction about child abuse and child sexual abuse.
  • MCS will be exempt from the law that reduces student restraint and seclusion. 
  • MCS won’t have to issue an annual performance report.
  • MCS will be exempt from the law requiring the superintendent’s contract to be made public.
  • MCS won’t have to check employees’ references.
  • The bill will allow non-resident outsiders to serve on the Muncie school board and vote on raising the school taxes of residents, an historic first for Indiana.
  • MCS will be exempt from the law requiring instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation -- and hundreds of other laws, putting the safety and education of more than 5,000 Muncie public school students at risk. 



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