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Welcome to the ICPE website

The ICPE is a new, bi-partisan non-profit organization. Its mission is to focus public tax dollars on the K-12 education of public school students by opposing legislation in the Indiana General Assembly that would:
  • fund private school vouchers
  • expand private school tax credits
  • privatize charter schools by allowing private colleges and agencies to be authorizers
  • put for-profit managers in place to take a profit from operating public schools
  • privatize public schools through any other means
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Click here or the "At the Statehouse" tab above to see the latest issues.

The short session of the Indiana General Assembly is scheduled to conclude Thursday, March 10.  It's a priority now to contact members of the HOUSE and SENATE in opposition to what is now House Bill 1005 expanding vouchers YET AGAIN.  See Vic's Statehouse Notes for details in the "At the Statehouse" tab of this website.

Charter schools are contributing to new levels of school segregation in Indianapolis and elsewhere -- and expanding vouchers makes it even worse.  See School Matters for details about the charter school study.

At our fall 2015 meetings handouts of Vic Smith's 25-year study of performance data that indicates Indiana public schools have steadily improved over the past 25 years were available.  If anyone tries to tell you public schools are failing, it's just not true!  If you'd like a downloadable and printable copy of the entire 18-page report, click here.

Have you seen this video about how public school budgets are being drained by vouchers and tax credits? That's exactly what's happening in Indiana, plus the property tax caps.

The Center for Tax & Budget Accountability released a study April 16 saying there is "no compelling policy reason to subsidize Indiana school vouchers with public taxpayer dollars."  Read about it here or click here for a copy of the study.

Read Joel Hand's (ICPE lobbyist) testimony from April 17 before the conference committee on HB-1001, the budget bill, regarding ways to save money.


If you haven't joined ICPE (or renewed your membership), we now have an online payment option through PayPal.  Check it out in the Join ICPE section of this website.

Education in Indiana has been steadily improving for 22 years.  See the updated report in the Good News about Schools section of this website.
We filed an Amicus Brief in the Indiana Voucher LawsuitTo read the Amicus Curia Brief read here or to read the Briefs of Appellants read here.


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